Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Note To My Former Childless Self by Eliz A. Beth

Dear Judgy McJudgenstuff,

You will someday (today) wear a shirt with spit up on it because it doesn't smell,
                                                                                                        ©All rights reserved Angelica Donner/ 2014

hold your baby during his nap because he cries when you put him down, and push an empty stroller through the shops carrying a baby who didn't like being strapped in. 

You will forget to buy milk (the one thing you went for) but buy your baby an outfit that's costs too much and will fit and be clean for precisly 47 seconds.

You will get pooped on during his bath and find yourself manically dancing and making silly faces attempting to coerce a smile from that little face only to watch him light up with smiles and coos at the light fixture above the dining room table.

You will no longer waste your time judging other mom's decisions because you don't know their kid and they don't know yours. We are all doing what suits us best and what is right for our families. You will find yourself wanting to hug every mom you pass as a sign of comradery.

Thank you, former self, for sleeping until noon, eating a hot meal, and enjoying a schedule based on your preferences, but those luxuries have been replaced by the intense joy of holding your sleeping baby while your husband holds you.

See you when you wake up from that nap,



Eliz A. Beth is a mummy that, like me, had a baby last February and she is part of an army of mums that every day bless me with their friendship and support in this journey of motherhood . Thank you Eliz for allowing me to use your lovely post and thank you to every person that reads my blog, Angelica 

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